The Trial, Part 2

If you haven't already, read this first- The Trial, Part 1.

We had two trial dates this week. In some ways, it feels like we've inched forward slightly. After all, we've finished one full testimony, cross-examination (by 3 different attorneys) and redirect (aka- more questioning)- one person down, one more to go. Y'all, this is hard.  

Mostly, though, it feels like we're still stuck in the same place, doing the exact same, tired song and dance. Opposing counsel takes their sweet time, dragging this out as long as possible. The judge, allowing questions that fall far outside the scope of the trial and answers that are easily identified as hearsay. The agency lawyer and the girls' attorney, who, along with their case planner, continue to be beacons of light in this whole ordeal. Alex and me, sitting silently on a bench in the back. Well, aside from Alex's deep, frustrated sighs. I'm just glad nobody can hear my teeth chattering through clenched jaw. 

Our role in this whole process is silent, acquiescing observer. Well, that plus full-time mom and dad, cheerleader, role model, decision-maker and responsible party for the children whose day to day is affected by these proceedings. (And trust me, daily life is affected even though Lulu and Flavia are already in their forever home. More on this soon.) 

So, for the roster:

September 23, 2015- Trial continues 20 minutes late and adjourns 10 minutes early. 1 hour 30 minutes spent hearing the case.

September 24, 2015- Trial continues 15 minutes late and adjourns 15 minutes early. 1 productive hour.

We were given 2 additional dates. October 6 and November 24. <<Deep sigh>> Upon leaving the courthouse, Alex asked how I felt about the week's proceedings. My answer was (and remains), "resigned." The prickling sensation of tentative hope I felt yesterday morning was, yet again, replaced by a resignation to the fact that there is absolutely nothing we can do to hurry this thing home. Looking forward actually gets us nowhere, so we focus on looking down, placing one foot at a time. 

We continue to wait.

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